How to Easily Import Bookmarks from Google Chrome to Firefox

Bookmarks play a great role in reminding the page number and for scheduling the future events easily by marking on a particular place that you can access your previous contents using this feature. The problem arises when we move to another web browser, and thus all our bookmarks etc. are left behind, but you need not worry a bit as you have multiple methods to try for transferring your bookmarks from Chrome to Mozilla Firefox.

Here is how you can transfer all your bookmarks directly from the Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox are very easy and precise manner:

Importing Bookmarks within Mozilla Firefox

  • First and foremost, you have to open the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • Then, hit the Library tab. It appears as a large stack of books.
  • Tap on Bookmarks option.
  • Scroll down the page to show up all the available bookmarks and launch it.
  • After that, hit the Import and Backup option.
  • Now, select the option Import Data from Another Browser.
  • A fresh wizard will appear having all the available browsers installed on the system.
  • After that, hit Google Chrome to launch.
  • Then, press the Next button.
  • Now, Mozilla Firefox will display the listing of all the settings that you select the import option. The settings will include Cookies, Bookmarks, Browsing history, saved passwords etc.
  • Next, choose the option that you wish to import and tap on the Next tab.
  • After that, hit the Finish tab.
  • In Mozilla Firefox, your transferred bookmarks will automatically be stored and displayed on the Toolbar. Now, you will view a fresh folder located on the Toolbar labelled from Google Chrome.
  • This setup will automatically trigger when you install Mozilla Firefox. So, if you have installed Google Chrome on your device and you have just installed Mozilla Firefox.

Exporting Bookmarks Manually

Follow these guidelines if you want to export bookmarks manually:

  • In the beginning, open Google Chrome web browser.
  • Now, hit the hamburger icon situated at the uppermost right-hand side edge of your display.
  • Next, press the Bookmarks option.
  • After that, navigate to Bookmarks Manager and tap on it to launch other related options.
  • Then, tap the menu button.
  • Next, choose the option Export Bookmarks.
  • After that, select the Save location option and then choose the Firefox HTML option as a fresh format.
  • Now, hit the Save tab.
  • Next, you have to open the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Hit the Library tab.
  • Press the Bookmarks option.
  • You have to scroll down your page until you view all the bookmarks. Then launch it.
  • Hit the Import and Backup option.
  • Navigate to Import Bookmarks from the HTML option.
  • Search for an HTML file that you have created earlier.

Note: If you want to transfer your respective bookmarks from one PC or browser to another. Both the methods are very efficient, but you can use the second one as it is more compatible with all the systems.

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